5 reasons why a metronome is essential for every pianist

24 April 2019
By Daniel Johnson
5 reasons why a metronome is essential for every pianist 5 reasons why a metronome is essential for every pianist
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It’s one of the most essential pieces of piano equipment. The metronome has proven over the years how much it helps massively enhance your lessons and, subsequently, the progression of your playing. But how many of us actually own a good quality metronome?

If you need a reason or two to finally invest in one, here’s 5.

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1. It will improve your natural sense of timing

We’ve all been in that position where we’ve played forte faster and piano slower without thinking. Working on your natural sense of timing by using a metronome in practice will put an end to wavering speeds and pauses. Remember to begin with a slow tempo when you are starting a new piece. To play fast, you need to play slow. Gradually building up that tempo will help strengthen your body’s natural pulse. The more you practise with it, the stronger your sense of timing will be!

TIP: Don't rely too heavily on a metronome. Over-use can lead to a decline in confidence when not using it. Once you are happy with the speed at which you are playing your piece, take the metronome out of the equation and only use if needs be.


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2. It will help you track your progress

In your practice diary (we recommend you invest in one if you haven’t already) make a note of each tempo increase. Write down what tempo you have increased to, how comfortable you are at that tempo, and what you aim to increase it to next time. Keeping track of your progress will help you to create goals in your practices. It will also help you visualise a timeline of how far you have come with a particular piece, and how far you have yet to go before perfecting it. Take a look at three of our favourite practice diaries below.



3. It will strengthen your sight-reading skills

Always had sight-reading down as one of your weaknesses? Many of us have. There’s nothing easy about it, that’s for sure. However, what we CAN do is make the process easier; using a metronome does just that.

The most important piece of advice any teacher or fellow pianist could give you when it comes to sight reading is to never stop playing, no matter how many mistakes you make. Having your metronome on during sight reading will massively aid you in your attempts to not stop playing the piece!


4. Collaborating with another musician? A metronome will help keep both of you on the same page

When we collaborate with another musician, there will always be tempo choices to be made. Once you have agreed on a tempo during rehearsal, go home and practise separately using your metronomes. When you come back to your next practice, you will both be in sync with each other! With the issue of timing now out of the way, the two of you can turn your focus to technical difficulties and other issues.


5. It will benefit other aspects of your playing

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a metronome can only help improve your timing. Your technique will also benefit. The process of gradually increasing the tempo of the metronome will allow you to iron out any technical difficulties as you go along at a more workable tempo.


Now that you’ve seen how many benefits there are to using a metronome, don’t waste any more time! Check out the Tiger Classical Mechanical metronomes available in our Music Store.

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