5 piano lessons on scales and arpeggios for all levels

30 June 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Piano teachers Graham Fitch and Tim Stein delve into the world of scales and arpeggios... for players of ALL levels

Masterclass on how to practise scales and arpeggios

Graham Fitch kicks things off with an in-depth masterclass on everything you need to know about scales and arpeggios. He gives particular focus to arpeggios, while weaving scale advice in along the way. This lesson is ideal for late-beginner/intermediate players, and complements This lesson complements his full-length article, Improving your Scales and Arpeggios, inside Pianist 74. You can watch more of Graham's lessons here.


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Beginner tips on fingering for scales and arpeggios

As part of his series of beginner video lessons, teacher Tim Stein gives some crucial advice and demonstrations and how to find the right fingering for your scales and arpeggios. You can watch more of his beginner lessons here.



Intermediate tips on fingering for scales and arpeggios

For those that would like further advice on fingering, check out Graham's video lesson on the topic. As well as covering fingering tips for scales and arpeggios, he also covers fingering advice for chords, octaves and trills. This lesson accompanies his written masterclass inside Pianist 103.



How to improve your arpeggio technique

Graham Fitch gives a masterclass on how to take your arpeggio playing up a level. The video lesson complements his article inside Pianist 127.



How to make your scale practice more creative

Practising scales can be quite tedious at times. Graham gives some tips and advice on how to transform your scales into something much more fun and imaginative. This video lesson The video lesson goes hand-in-hand with his article inside Pianist 126.


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