5 pianists worth checking out on Instagram

26 April 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Social media has quickly become the best and most effective way of reaching people as an artist. We take a look at 5 pianists who are doing just that... to great effect

1. Sarper Duman

©Sarper Duman/YouTube


The Turkish piano teacher and player has become somewhat of an Instagram sensation after posting a series of videos of his cats reacting adorably to his playing. 

Sarper owns 19 cats, all of which are rescues. Their reactions to his playing are a must-watch. Check out some of his best videos below.



A post shared by Sarper Duman (@sarperduman)

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A post shared by Sarper Duman (@sarperduman)



2. Yuval Salomon

Yuval has amassed over 50,000 followers on Instagram, as well as 250,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and millions of views in just four years. It is some feat for this young artist.

She posts her own arrangements for known songs as well as classical performances through cinematic videos. Check out some of her best videos below.




3. Matej Jovanovic


The Serbian pianist is well worth checking out on Instagram.

Jovanovic currently studies at Paris Regional Conservatoire, and is also the man behind the PianoWorldWide Instagram account; Instagram's fastest growing piano community with almost 200,000 followers. We spoke to Jovanonic back in 2019 about PianoWorldWide.

His own personal Instagram page has so far amassed over 10,000 followers and is growing rapidly. Jovanovic often posts videos of himself accompanying famous film scenes.

Take a look at a couple of his best videos below.





4. Christian Grøvlen

The Norwegian pianist is one of Norway's brightest artists, and is a recipient of the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize, Robert Levin Prize and the Arts Council Grant Norway.

His first album of work, featuring Bach, was voted among the top recordings in Norway that year by Morgenbladet – a popular Norwegian news outlet. His second album, Eventyr, was released in March 2021 and features music by Norwegian composers.

Grøvlen is also Director of KODE Composers Homes, one of the largest museums for art, craft, design and music in the Nordic countries. 

He's amassed quite the following on Instagram, with over 25,000 followers and counting. Check out some of his best Instagram videos below.




4. Dotan Negrin

Last but definitely not least, we have Dotan Negrin – the pianist who, with his piano, has travelled to more than 500 cities.

Negrin quit his 9-5 job in 2011 in order to pursue his dream of travelling around the world with his piano.

In 2020, he released his debut album, Piano Around the World Studio Sessions. The album is comprised of 12 tracks of original compositions that he recorded from 2012-2018 while travelling. His style of playing is a mixture between classical, jazz and new age. Take a look at some of his best Instagram videos below.


A post shared by Dotan Negrin (@pianoaround)



A post shared by Dotan Negrin (@pianoaround)



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