5 of the world's most extravagant Fazioli pianos

04 April 2021
By Ellie Palmer
We take a look at some of the piano manufacturer's most eye-catching designs. Which one is your favourite?

1.  California Walnut Fazioli

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$240,000 CAD

© Elvis Yang

First we start with the California Walnut Fazioli, which you can see has a noticeable kaleidoscope effect on its finish. This effect is created by the veneer of a walnut root.

Its gold iron frame aims to compliment the veneer finish.

This piano would be quite the investment, putting you $240,000 CAD out of pocket.

Above Manuel Bernaschek, President of Showcase Pianos, poses with the California Walnut Fazioli in Vancouver. 



2. The Flying Fazioli

$265,000 CAD

© Elvis Yang

This 'floating' piano is part of the Vancouver House lobby, and sits among other object that appear to float as pieces of art in space.

The piano has a finished of blackened steel, "a material choice that was made intentionally in order to create maximum visual contrast against the raw concrete walls and white terrazzo floor", according to Westbank.

The Flying Fazioli was designed by Bjarke Ingels.

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3. The Telus Garden Fazioli

$425,000 CAD

© Manuel Bernaschek

This piano sits at the TELUS Garden in Vancouver, Canada. Westbank, who commission the building of the piano, comment, "We challenged ourselves to create an instrument that is truly of this place. To achieve a design specific to the building, the materiality and geometry of the instrument had to be in sync with the project as a whole."

The piano is made from the same edge grain Douglas Fir wood that is used throughout the TELUS Garden itself. Each detail of this piano, even including the piano's v-shaped legs and geometry of the piano bench, echoes different design elements of the building. 

The Telus Garden Fazioli was designed by Gregory Henriquez.



4. The Butterfly Fazioli

$780,000 CAD

© Swari Campillo

This piano was designed specifically for the lobby of a brand-new building in Vancouver called The Butterfly building, a brand-new luxury residential tower designed by Westbank.

Much of the piano's features – for example its particularly light legs and its delicate shape – mirror the design of the building.

During the design process, four Alexander McQueen dresses served as another major point of inspiration. Each dress represented a vessel of expression, with the aim to weave together these inspirations in order to create a framework for the piano. 

Above, pianist Sanaz Sotoudeh poses with the piano. The Butterfly Fazioli was designed by Bing Thom Architects.

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5. The Alberni by Kengo Kuma Fazioli

$890,000 CAD

© Scott Adolph

This piano was designed with Vancouver's Alberni Street in mind. 

Alberni Street features its fair share of grandoise architecture – with much of it having similarities to Japanese space – and this piano was built with the same intention.

The layering effect is created using sheets of Hinoki wood, a spiritual material in Japan used for building temples. The formations are intended to radiate an almost geological, timeless character. The piano currently sits at Westbank's Unwritten Exhibition in Vancouver.

The Kengo Kuma Fazioli was designed by Westbank Piano Program. The image above features pianist Libby Yu.

You can take a closer look at the Kengo Kuma Fazioli below.


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