15 music gift ideas for Mother's Day

13 March 2019
By Ellie Palmer
15 music gift ideas for Mother's Day 15 music gift ideas for Mother's Day
Mum deserves the best.

She did bring you into this world, after all. Picking a Mother's Day gift can be a challenge. That's why we've picked out 15 musical gift ideas for you. Make sure you spoil her with one of them! Whether it’s a cute little piano purse, Lang Lang’s new album or 50% off a digital subscription to Pianist (YES), there’s definitely something for her in this list. 

We've also thrown in a pamper treat. It may not be music-related, but it’ll still hit the right note (pun fully intended). Click on any of the images below and you'll be taken straight to the checkout page. So easy, right?

1. 50% off a digital subscription to Pianist

Let’s start as we mean to go on with this must-have Mother’s Day offer! Gift her with a digital subscription to Pianist magazine whilst at the same time gifting yourself with a 50% saving. It’s a win-win. 

Pianist | Magazine Subscription Offer

50% off your annual Pianist subscription



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2. Piano purse

This is truly adorable. It can be difficult to find an elegant yet affordable gift. This encompasses both. Mum will love it.



3. Motivational music poster

The beauty of this gift is that you can spend as much as £11.99 on their largest size, or as little as £1.99 on their smallest size. You might even be tempted to buy one for yourself.



4. Lang Lang -  Piano Book

We had to include this, didn’t we? Piano maestro Lang Lang’s new album is already destined to be massively successful. The only catch with this gift is that it isn’t out until March 29…2 days before Mother’s Day! Make sure you pre-order it now to be guaranteed delivery before March 31st. 



5. Daniil Trifonov – Destination Rachmaninov: Departure

Picking a gift for Mum can be a challenge. One thing we do know, however, is that Mums love a winner, and Daniil Trifonov is exactly that. The Russian pianist won a Grammy last year for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, beating the likes of pianist Murray Perahia and New York Philharmonic Music Director Alan Gilbert. His latest release, Destination Rachmaninov: Departure, has already received five stars in The Guardian. 



6. Personalised soundwave

Get any song in the world printed as a personalised soundwave. It’s high quality, printed on a silk background. This is a beautifully personal gift and may just get the tears flowing. We love it!



7. Personalised vinyl record song lyrics

Another wonderfully personal gift. Similar to the personalised soundwave, you can choose any song you like. The task is trying to ask your mother what her favourite song is without giving anything anyway…



8. Schumann: The Faces and the Masks by Judith Chernaik

We featured this book in our Ultimate Pianist Gift Guide back in issue 105. This book is so brilliant that we just had to include it again. Author Judith Chernaik unearths fresh insights into Schumann’s life, including details about his controversial personal medical records. It’s a tale as gripping as any thriller, that’s for sure.



9. Vintage piano poster

Who wouldn’t love a picture of an authentic vintage piano etched across their bedroom wall? I know I’d love one myself. If your mother is a lover of all things piano, she will certainly love this beautiful piece of art.



10. The Piano Guys - Limitless

The Piano Guys have been changing the way we view piano music for a good few years now. The American-based group have a tendency of taking some of the pop world’s most successful hits and turning them into these beautiful, film-style, often piano-led pieces. Check out their performance of Epiphany below, which is taken from their new album. Epiphany is originally performed by Korean pop group BTS, the most popular South Korean band in U.S history. The rest of Limitless is more of the same. It sounds stunning when playing around the house.



11. Music note cushion

Sundays are for lying on the sofa with your family. Am I right? Given the fact that Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, we thought this music note cushion would be the perfect gift to pair with your lazy Sunday.



12. Vinyl coffee coasters

Any coffee-related gift is a good gift. But a coffee-related AND piano-related gift? You can’t get much better. Put a smile on your mother’s face with these snazzy little vinyl coffee coasters.



13. Her favourite coffee mug

Given the fact the American spelling of ‘Mom’ is used on the mug, this particular gift is ideal for our American readers. We know you don't celebrate Mother's Day until 12th May, but this is your chance to get ahead and get that gift in advance.  It might also be ideal for those of you hailing from Birmingham. ‘Mom’ is a regional quirk in some areas of the Midlands.



14. The Pianist (Film)

What a fantastic film. That’s all we need to say.



15. Pamper treat gift experience

It wouldn’t be a Mother’s Day gift article without some sort of spa treatment thrown in. It may not be music related, but trust me, this gift will be music to her ears.