10 things all pianists hate

30 July 2018
By Ellie Palmer
4x3-Angry-man-steam-from-ears-54454.jpg 10 things all pianists hate
Come and laugh with us as we look at some of the things us pianists don't like...at all!

As pianists, we absolutely adore to play and learn the piano. For some of us, we are learning it as a hobby. For others, we perform for a living. But there are certain comments and requests that irk all of us as pianists...


1. When people ask if you can play Für Elise.


2. Trying to flip the page whilst playing but watching in horror as your music tumbles to the floor in slow motion.


3. When another pianist brags about being one grade ahead of you.


4. When your teacher tells you your ‘ff´playing isn’t loud enough, even though you feel like you might break the keys if you bang them any harder.


5. When your friends see an empty piano in the local shopping mall and expect you to perform a full repertoire for everyone.


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6. Hearing an audience member’s phone goes off even though they were warned beforehand to SWITCH. IT. OFF.


7. When the examiner gives you an easy sight reading and you spend the entire prep minute worrying that it’s too easy, and that maybe you’re missing something…


8. When you listen to Classic Fm with your friend and they say “So can you play that?”


9. “What do you do for work? Do you have a real job?” For those of us that perform for a living, this is incredibly frustrating. And rude.


10. When the examiner asks you to play all the easy scales, despite the fact you’ve just spent hours practising dominant, diminished, and augmented scales in minor thirds. Oh hold on…. we actually love it when this happens.


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