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Peaceful and Calming Piano Book: Beginner, Grade 1 & Grade 2

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Relaxing Piano

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What's in this Book?

Relaxing Piano is a piano book of 15 peaceful and calming pieces that have been written purposely to aid relaxation, expression and enjoyment. Every melody, chord sequence, arpeggio and dynamic marking has been discussed and developed with the outcome of creating a peaceful experience for the pianist and the listener.

This should be your favourite piano book, the one you play to relax, to ease exam stress, after a hard day studying or a long day at work. Relaxing Piano is for expressing your emotion through the piano whilst also becoming a better pianist and sharing beautiful music with those around you.

This piano book is for the modern day. These are not traditional pieces you have heard a hundred times before, these are beautiful new compositions inspired by the composers and sounds of today.

Each piece contains helpful 'Composer Tips' which help to guide you on any playing techniques and things to watch out for, as well as suggested dynamics throughout.

This piano book is suitable for any age.. adults, teenagers and children will all find something to enjoy. It is for the later beginner, up to Grade 1 and Grade 2. It is perfect for home performance, practice piano pieces, ABRSM, Rock School and Trinity piano grade support pieces, professional and recital performance, school, college and student learning.

Influenced by the current top pianists in this field such as Ludovico Einaudi, Alexis Ffrench, Olafur Arnalds, Luke Howard and Nils Frahm, Piano Hive always aim to write and produce music that is clearly laid out, very readable and will help improve several aspects of your playing whilst sounding great at the same time.

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