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Beautiful, Cinema Inspired Piano Sheet Music Book: Intermediate - Advanced, Grades 3-5

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Cinematic Piano

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Cinematic Piano by Piano Hive is a wonderful collection of original pieces, designed to inspire creativity, aid improvement and most importantly promote enjoyment. This piano book contains pieces that not only sound modern, relaxing and beautiful, but will also help you improve as a pianist.

As both composers have been students, teachers and professional musicians with many years experience, there is total awareness of what pianists want to play and what techniques will help them progress and refine their musicality whilst playing music that is fulfilling. Each piece has been carefully thought out to ensure that new piano techniques, chord patterns and key signatures are equally explored.

Cinematic Piano is suitable for home performance, practice piano pieces, ABRSM, Rock School and Trinity piano grade support pieces, professional and recital performance, school, college and student learning.

Influenced by the current top pianists in this field such as Ludovico Einaudi, Alexis Ffrench, Olafur Arnalds, Luke Howard and Nils Frahm, Piano Hive always aim to write and produce music that is clearly laid out, very readable and will help improve several aspects of your playing whilst sounding great at the same time.

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