Performance Workshop with Graham Fitch – Participant Ticket

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Join Graham Fitch for a day-long workshop on Sunday 7 February where he will coach eight participating pianists through their chosen pieces – or sections of their pieces – in front of a virtual audience.

On Sale: 17/12/2020

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Performance Workshop with Graham Fitch – Participant Ticket

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Book your place today on the Performance Workshop and enjoy one-on-one coaching from pianist, teacher, writer and adjudicator Graham Fitch.




- Intermediate to advanced-level pianists (Grade 5 and above)

- Classical repertoire strongly preferred

- Strong internet set-up (more information on this will be available once your place has been confirmed)

- Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult




  • Welcome and introduction from Graham Fitch
  • One-on-one coaching with eight participating pianists
  • Each participant will receive 20-30 minutes of coaching
  • A virtual audience for those who prefer to sit back and watch rather than take part. If you would prefer to be an auditor, sign up here
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Q&A: The chance to raise questions and have them answered by Graham
  • Wide range of topics covered such as memorising, how to practise, technique, repertoire choices
  • Breaks included throughout the workshop

The workshop will be begin at 12:00pm on Sunday 7 February 2021. It will last approximately 5-6 hours, including Q&A time.

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