No 99- Dec/Jan 2018

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The 2018 Piano Buyer’s Guide- Over 100 pianos – uprights, grands and digitals –for all tastes and all budgets. The perfect reference for finding the piano of your dreams!

Issue 99 issue offers up a focus on PIANO DUETS. This means….

Interviews with famous duos
A feature on how to play duets
FIVE duet Scores to learn
Lesson on the famous Berceuse from Fauré’s Dolly Suite for four hands (perfect for intermediate level players)

The 2 Masterclasses:

Graham Fitch’s second article on gaining speed
Mark Tanner on how to build (and maintain) your repertoire

 (Don’t forget, you can WATCH Graham’s lesson on the Pianist TV Channel!)

Other ‘How to Play’ lessons include:

Exercises on articulation and evenness for the beginner
Step by step lesson on Rachmaninov’s D major prelude for the advanced pianist

The Scores

As well as the above, other scores include works by Balakirev, Diabelli, Nielsen and more – plus the jazzy Duke Ellington standard Take the ‘A’ Train

The features

Articles inside this issue include: Learning Jazz Piano: Lesson No 1, a trip to the Bechstein factory in Germany, an introduction to Becoming a Piano Teacher and more

Online piano lessons

Tune in to our huge library of lessons to watch (some 75 to date, and forever growing) on the Pianist TV Channel. Plus watch our house pianist Chenyin Li performing many of the pieces that have featured inside the Scores.