WATCH: Lebanese woman plays the piano in the rubble of her Beirut home

06 August 2020
By Ellie Palmer
At least 135 people died and over 5,000 were injured in an explosion in Beirut on 4 August

The Lebanese woman can be seen surrounded by furniture which was broken and destroyed in the devastating blast on Tuesday. 



Miraculously, her grand piano seems to have not suffered even a scratch.

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The woman appears to be playing a rendition of Auld Lang Syne, a famous Scottish folk song well-known throughout the UK.

In the video, others can be seen combing through the debris attempting to start the long process of cleaning up.

The blast, which hit the centre of Beirut on Tuesday, has so far killed 135 people and injured over 5,000. Hundreds are still missing amongst the rubble, raising fears that the death toll will rise drastically over the coming days. On top of that, over 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes.

Multiple donation pages have been set up in a bid to help those affected. You can donate directly to the Lebanese Red Cross here.

Main image: © The Guardian