Must-Visit Piano Shops In The USA

14 August 2020
By Ellie Palmer
Some of the best and most respected US-based piano showrooms are back open and ready for you. Head down to one of these and you may just find the perfect piano...

PianoForte Chicago

1335 South Michigan Ave, 3rd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60605

Tel: 312-291-0000  |  Website


In 15 years, PianoForte has become one of the top piano destinations in the Chicago area, as both a showroom and venue for live music and recording.

As a showroom, PianoForte displays a broad selection of acoustic pianos from Fazioli, arguably the finest, to the full range of Yamaha pianos, and many top brands including pre-owned Steinway pianos.

As a venue, PianoForte runs a recital hall with 100 seats and state-of-the-art recording and streaming capabilities. It broadcasts audio and video on many platforms. The PianoForte Foundation, a non-profit organization, donates pianos to schools and has run scholarship programs, piano competitions, and the popular Schubertiade.



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211 Perry Parkway, Suite 2, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877

Tel: 888-840-5460  |  Website


“What AMG is to Mercedes, PianoCraft is to pianos – far and away the best piano shop/showroom I have ever seen.” - Eric Himy, concert pianist

PianoCraft, known throughout the Washington, DC metro area, the USA, and worldwide, offers the finest new, pre-owned, and rebuilt pianos including pre-owned Steinways, Steingraeber, Baldwin, Grotrian, Estonia and more.

PianoCraft’s renowned shop sets the standard for rebuilding and customization using the best materials and craftsmanship. Approaches include museum restoration, cutting edge performance customization, and everything in between.

PianoCraft pianos can be found in concert halls and institutions including the Smithsonian, Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks, and Lincoln Center.




2805 Buford Hwy, Duluth, Atlanta, Georgia 30096

Tel: 770-623-0683  |  Website


Founded in 1993 as a service and restoration business, PianoWorks has grown to become one of the largest piano stores in the Southeast. Visitors can pick up a Henle title from our music department, walk over and try many of the world’s leading brands or arrange for a tour through the restoration facility in the same complex. 

"We delight in educating customers and in creating deeper connections with the instruments they choose.” - Sam Bennett, General Manager

“We’ve had to adjust to shopping by appointment and to not hosting local recitals, but we are improving the facilities for when families can return and gather around the piano.”



Cunningham Piano Company

26 E Coulter St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144

Tel: 215-438-3200  |  Website

Cunningham Piano Company is one of America’s oldest and most respected piano shops and rebuilders.

In 1891 they began manufacturing hand-built instruments. After World War II, the company turned toward piano restoration and now enjoys an international reputation for this work. Their comprehensive knowledge led them to design the New “Matchless Cunningham”, which has also seen great success.

Most recently, the company became exclusive Yamaha dealers and have been named “Dealer of the Year” this year.

Visiting Cunningham Piano Company is an adventure. From full restorations to today’s latest technology, there is something for every player’s desire.


Which one will you visit?