Many Happy Returns to JS Bach on his 332nd Birthday!

21 March 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-03-21-at-15.27.00-44309.png JS Bach
What would we do without his Well-Tempered Clavier or the Goldbergs?

Since Pianist first launched back in 2001, we must have mentioned JS Bach in nearly every issue of the magazine – whether featured inside the Scores pages, in a history or education feature, in the CD reviews section, in a sheeet music review, and so on. Such is his monumental status. 

Top pianists still continue to record his '48' and the spellbinding Goldberg Variations.

In fact, Italian pianist Beatrice Rana, our recent issue 87 cover, has recently released her account of the Goldberg Variations on Warner Classics.

You can still read the Beatrice Rana interview by getting hold of the digital issue of Pianist.

And in the meantime, watch her here play the opening Aria from the Goldbergs:

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