7 grand pianos you can buy for less than £10,000

07 June 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Grand pianos are often seen as a luxury and long-term investment given their steep prices. They are often out of reach for those of us on a stricter budget. However, there are a selection of affordable grand pianos out there worth considering. We highlight seven grand pianos that you can buy for less than £10,000...

Steinhoven SG148 Baby Grand

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From £6,877



Steinhoven is not a piano maker that has been featured in the pages of Pianist before. The maker was established in Ireland in 2004, and have a modern purpose built factory on the outskirts of Shanghai, China. 

Coming in at under £7,000, it's a smart choice of people for those on a tight budget. Understandably, you may have to compromise on quality given its price, but it does still come installed with 100% German wool hammer felts, a spruce soundboard and German Roslau piano strings.

It's also a smart buy for those with not much space to work with. At just 148cm, it's one of the smaller pianos on this list.


  • 148cm (w)
  • Iron cast frame
  • Available with solid brass or chrome hardware

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Ritmuller 150cm Grand

From £7,490



The German brand Ritmüller dates from 1795 and today Ritmüller pianos are made by piano maker Pearl River. 

An instrument tailored to domestic home environments boasting the tone of a larger grand piano but in comparatively compact proportions, the Ritmüller 150 is a popular choice for those seeking an elegant grand piano with increased projection of tone, yet at an affordable price.

The Ritmüller sound range is even and consistent, together with a precise yet sensitive touch, ideal for pianists of all abilities. Ritmüller uses the latest materials and precision-manufacturing techniques to ensure the entire piano is made to the highest standards of quality and performance.


  • 150cm (l) x 150cm (w)
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: black

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Reid Sohn SIG 50

From £7,495

The Reid Sohn SIG50D grand piano is a wise choice, especially considering it is the first piano maker maker to achieve ISO 9002 certification. This certification is given out to those who offer quality assurance in installation, production, and service provision.

The world-renowned German scale designer, Klaus Fenner has created these pianos with a warm European voice. By combining the finest materials and craftsmanship with his award winning scale designs, he has created a piano that will make beautiful music for generations to come... and at an affordable price.


  • 148cm (w) x 150cm (d) x 103cm (h)
  • Weight: 297kg
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: Black

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Schreiner & Sohne KG150

From £7,995

German maker Schreiner & Sohne, which translates from German to "Wood Craftsman", synergise quality materials from both Germany and worldwide in order to create the highest quality pianos possible. They have a particular focus on the UK market, with Coach House Pianos being its exclusive UK provider.

This is the smallest grand in Schreiner's range. At 158cm this is a compact grand piano and produces tones envied by some of its larger competitors. The instrument has been designed to suit both the enthusiast and professional alike. 


  • 150cm (l) x 149cm (w)
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: Black polish

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Yamaha GB1

From £8,199

This Yamaha GB1 grand piano is the smallest baby grand available in the Yamaha range. This compact piano is ideal for small budgets and smaller spaces, while still offering a clear tone and excellent projection. Made in Yamaha’s most advanced piano factory in Indonesia, the GB1 is a high quality piano popular with professionals and amateurs alike.


  • 146cm (w) x 99cm (h)
  • 261kg
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: polished

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Kawai GL10 Baby Grand

From £9,111

The laws of physics dictate that baby grands have their limitations, but you’ll find the GL10 can produce a fuller, stronger sound than you would expect from a grand piano of this size, making it a real pleasure for situations where you want a grand but have a limited budget. 

Practicalities have not been compromised either, with a music desk which is as fully adjustable as that on any Kawai grand: important for comfortable playing, and something you can’t take for granted on every grand of this size and price point. 


  • 153cm (l) x 150cm (w) x 102cm (h)
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: Ebony polished, white polished

*Price as of December 2020.

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Irmler designed by Bluthner F148


The Irmler F148 baby grand piano is the smallest model in the Irmler range. At only 4’11”/148cm in length this makes a wonderful choice of small grand piano for any home, school or music studio with great tonal quality, a warm bass and a responsive touch. Constructed from high quality components and finished off at the Blüthner factory in Leipzig, Germany, the F148 has a distinctly European tone. Warm and mellow with a singing treble, this piano is sure to impress musicians of any standard looking for an instrument within this price range.

Blüthner offers the option with all ranges of their instruments to fit a silent system. This option allows the player to ‘switch off’ the acoustic element of the piano and practise privately with headphones. With over 80 different sounds, metronome, recording capabilities, USB and even the option to use your acoustic piano as a MIDI controller, the silent system provides limitless possibilities to practise, record and perform.


  • 148cm (l) x 151cm (w)
  • Pedals: Una corda, sostenuto, sustain
  • Finish: Black polished, white polished
  • Extra features: Optional Silent System

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