Roland HP704

Where expressive sound meets expressive touch – the Roland HP704 is the first Roland home piano that features wooden keys, with their highly acclaimed PHA50 key action.

Longer, wooden, ivory feel keys give you the look and feel of an acoustic – allowing you to play easy or complex pieces with ease. Meet the Roland HP704, where the player makes no compromise.


Action: PHA-50 Keyboard, wood and plastic hybrid structure that is progressively weighted with escapement
Internal Sounds: 324
Polyphony: Unlimited Speaker System: 2 x 25W + 2 x 5W, 2 x (12 + 2.5cm) + 2 x (5cm)
Weight: 59.5 kg
Pedals: Progressive damper pedal, soft pedal, sostenuto pedal that is also assignable
Finishes: Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, White and Polished Ebony
Extra features: 10-year warranty, Bluetooth Midi and Audio, Twin Piano mode, USB to Computer, Piano Designer
Price: £1,759

With design elements taken from the flagship LX range, the HP704 boasts a modern sleek cabinet – which
houses the piano’s four speakers. The multi-channel speaker system further enhances the depth of the rich tone created by the SuperNATURAL modelling engine. Responding quickly to the player’s touch, this piano picks up on every subtle nuance – from the noise of the hammers to the natural subtle shifts in tone.

With such an expressive sound, it is safe to say that this piano will grow with you as a player – with even a 10-year warranty to guarantee that.

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  • Price

    £ 1759

  • Weight


  • Finishes

    Black, dark rosewood, white and polished ebony