Grotrian-Steinweg Concerto G-118


Piano makers have always dreamed of building an instrument that captures the magical tone of polyphonic singing. After years of research and development, that dream has been brought to life in the shape of the Concerto G-118.

Only the finest, most carefully selected materials are used in this piano.

All materials and components are provided by German manufacturers who are carefully selected by Grotrian-Steinweg. Nothing is left to chance. The Concerto G-118 is a perfectly balanced and charming piano with a singing tone. With every piece of music you can explore new colours.

The piano’s shape and line is an inspiration, awakening the desire to play. Secondly, the touch of the keyboard will provide an excellent lightness in touch. The action responds precisely and gives the pianist a complete sense of control. Even the softest pianissimo is easily playable. The sound provided by the Concerto G-118 offers a sublime pianistic experience. The trebles are clear but not aggressive. The mid range is balanced and warmly voiced. The bass is round, full and powerful with rich colouring. The Concerto G-118 received a new design in 2016 in order to further improve its strengths. It is truly loved for its musicality.

• NEW design in 2016, optimised to bring maximal colours and dynamics at given height

• 100% hand-made in Germany

• Four-brace Renner action; Kluge keyboard

• Traditional-style case with castors

• Patented star-shaped back-frame

  • Price

    £ 15,250

  • Pedals

    3: sustain, practice (optional), soft

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    118cm (h), 148cm (w), 54cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black polyester finish. Other finishes available to order

  • Made In

    Braunschweig, Germany