Pianist Alexis Ffrench gives his advice for entering the Pianist 2021 Composing Competition

By Erica Worth

15 September 2020

What makes a winner? As the Pianist 2021 Composing Competition kicks off, Alexis Ffrench answers some questions from readers

 Enter your original piece for the chance to win a Kawai piano 


What will inspire me to begin? 



How can I turn that little tune I’ve made up into a fully-fledged piece for the Competition?



Any pointers on how to structure the piece?



How can I create a left-hand part to accompany the melody? 




How do I know if the harmony is ‘right’? 



Is it fine to write a new piece in an older style – such as Baroque, Classical or Romantic? 




What level do you recommend

I pitch my piece at?


What will the jury be looking for?



What about writing it down – should I use manuscript paper or is there a simple notation program I could use?




Once I have written it down, should I play my piece for others before I send it off to Pianist? 


Finally, what’s the best advice you could give about composing?


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