5 reasons why you should enter our 2023 Composing Competition

18 August 2022
By Erica Worth
5 reasons why you should enter the Pianist composing competition 5 reasons why you should enter the Pianist composing competition
Enter for the chance to win a Kawai piano, plus so much more


For those of you that love composing, our 2023 Composing Competition might just be the perfect opportunity for you to get your music out there to the masses. This year's prize package for the composer of the winning piece is bigger than ever.

Fancy giving it a go? Here are 5 great reasons why you shouldn't let this opportunity pass you by...

1. Have your work published in the Scores section of Pianist

Wouldn't it be a dream to have your own composition officially published? 

That's exactly what will happen if you win our competition. 

Every issue, we publish 40+ pages of sheet music - ranging from Bach to Rachmaninov, Diabelli to Handel, and even Beethoven to... you! Thousands of Pianist readers around the globe will be able to learn your piece at home!

Here is some advice on how to prepare your score ready to be submitted.


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2. Win a Kawai piano worth £1,440

© Kawai

If you're not yet convinced, perhaps winning a brand-new piano will help sway you to enter.

Piano manufacturer Kawai has kindly agreed to give a piano to the lucky winner. You will be able to choose between the black finish and the white finish of their ES520 model, which comes complete with a matching designer stand and pedal unit. 



3. Hear – and watch – your piece performed by pianist Chenyin Li

© Chenyin Li

In a future issue of Pianist, your winning composition will appear on the album that accompanies every issue. Our in-house pianist Chenyin Li will record it for you. This year, as an extra, she will also film a video performance of your piece that shall appear on the Pianist YouTube channel.

You will, of course, be sent your own personal copy of the recording. What a great chance to share your music far and wide with family and friends.


4. Be interviewed by Pianist

You might have a fascinating back story behind your piece that you'd like to share with us. 

Well, this would be your opportunity to do so. 

The winner will be personally interviewed by Pianist editor Erica Worth. Your interview will then feature in a future issue of Pianist for all to see. Our 2019 Composing Competition winner Bob Rose featured inside issue 108 of Pianist. Take a look.


5. Test your compositional skills against the best

This competition is the perfect opportunity for you to find out just how far along you are in your composing journey as you will be competing against other fellow talented amateur composers.

And hey, if you win, it might even help propel you onto the frontline of the piano industry. Back in 2016 when we first launched our competition, organist and choirmaster Derry Bertenshaw won with his arrangement of Scarborough Fair - made famous by Simon & Garfunkel. Derry has further cemented his winning credentials with yet another win at the 2019 St Paul's Cathedral Composing Competition, which saw his winning piece given its world premiere at the cathedral - arranged for and performed by the choir at the Epiphanytide Service on 12th January 2020.


Convinced yet? Enter our 2020 Composing Competition today and see where it takes you.

Main image: ©Pexels