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ABRSM launches app to help improve aural skills

27 February 2012

ABRSM launches app to help improve aural skillsThe app provides hundreds of exercises to help students improve their aural skills such-as sight-singing (reading and then singing the music you see) and pulse and metre (feeling the beat). It also helps users to develop their musical memory through echo tests (singing back short phrases) and to spot and describe when something sounds different in a piece of music.
Says Stuart Briner, Digital Learning Manager, ABRSM: ‘We are delighted that the ABRSM Aural Trainer it is now available to students and teachers worldwide. It is a fantastic practice tool for anyone wishing to take our exams or improve their general musical skills. The app has a vast range of exercises suited to learners of different levels and I am pleased we are able to offer another digital resource in addition to our printed publications.It will not only be of great value to students but we hope teachers will be able to use it in lessons – whether teaching an individual or in a group situation. We’re looking forward to teachers and learners using Aural Trainer and developing the application still further into the future.’

The ABRSM Aural Trainer is available from the Apple iTunes store
The ABRSM Aural Trainer Lite is free and includes all the supplementary elements and some Grade 1 and 4 content from the full versions
ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-3 & ABRSM Aural Trainer grades 4-5 costs £2.99
ABRSM Aural Trainer Grades 1-5 costs £4.99

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